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    Prepared exclusively from natural ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial colours. This is what makes Profi soups not only easy and quick to prepare, but also delicious, nutritious and healthy. Get a taste of Profi soups!

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  • Exclusive “Dworskie” Premium Pâtés

    Now with new packaging, graphics and - most importantly – with a new recipe. Discover your favourite taste: "Dworski" Pâté with boar, deer, rabbit or duck, replacing the old pork pâté.

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    Excellent choice for those who value their time and are looking for new taste sensations. Convenient packaging allows for easy opening and secure storage. With so many different tastes to choose from, you can be sure you will never get bored of Profi ready meals!

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Our products

White borscht
White borscht
Zupa gulaszowa z warzywami i tymiankiem
Goulash soup with vegetables and thyme
Gołąbki w sosie pomidorowym
Stuffed cabbage with meat in tomato sauce
Fasolka po bretońsku z kiełbasą wieprzową
Baked beans with pork sausages
Makaron z sosem bolońskim
Bolognese sauce with pasta
Chilli con carne z wrzywami i ryżem
Chilli con carne with vegetables and rice
Wielkopolski smalec z czosnkiem
Lard with garlic
Wielkopolski gulasz angielski wieprzowy
Pork English goulash
Wielkopolska mielonka z czosnkiem
Luncheon meat with garlic
Pasztet Dworski z królikiem
Rabbit Delicatessen Pâté
Wiejski pasztet wieprzowy z grzybami leśnymi
Pork Village pate with mushrooms
Wielkopolski pasztet z drobiem firmowy
Chicken pâté

Our products do not contain artificial colours or preservatives. Every ingredient is of the highest quality thanks to constant scrutiny.

About Profi

PROFI is Poland's leading Polish manufacturer of pâtés, ready meals and canned meats. PROFI products are prepared with passion.


If you're leading a healthy lifestyle, you want to provide your body with vital nutrients and not "empty calories" in order to stay fit, then you're at the right place! Go to and find out more.